1. D

    Induction noise

    Hey everyone, not to sound ricey but I have a bbk Cai on my 02 gt and I crave a louder induction noise. Is there anything I can do to improve the sound out of the intake? Stock tb and plenum btw.
  2. J

    Engine 1989 Fox GT 5.0 - wont start after CAI and Throttle body upgrade. HELP!

    Hey all, Been referencing stangnet forums for a while but finally joined. First forum post ever so bear with me. I have a 1989 Mustang GT 5.0 convertible that i recently got and have been upgrading here and there. Iv run into a problem and could use some help from you all. Yesterday i...
  3. S

    Another Cai Question

    I have a 95 GT with Ford Racing 65MM TB I have a CnL inlet pipe and the stock MAF. What size coupler do I need to connect the 65mm TB to the inlet pipe and can anyone suggest and air filter [I prefer a dry filter] and coupler size that will all connect to the MAF. This set up is straight...
  4. ursixx

    Engine Cai Winter Use.

    Hi . New member . Getting a '94 GT automatic, import from Florida. It has long tube headers but stock air intake . want to switch to a CAI but wondering about winter use and the filter sitting in the front wheel well . Any experiences? Recommendations? CAI in the summer and swap back to OEM for...
  5. utemachine

    Cai Hitting Strut Bar

    I have a. 89 Saleen and I just bought a BBK CAI that's hitting the stock strut tower bar. Is there a different intake anyone knows of that would clear the bar? I also have an Edlebrock performer intake manifold I'm about to send off to powder coat and I'm wondering if that's going to hit the...
  6. C

    Looking For Experienced Opinions

    Hi guys, I'm new here and looking for general opinions based on experience and testing from yall. I have a 2014 Mustang GT 5.0 with the track package and want to put a little money into her to get some more out of her. My "wants" are... 1)Full exhaust 2)Tuner with possible dyno runs for more...
  7. Shadow06gt

    Engine Cai Now A Bunch Of Mess

    Hey all, I just installed a no tune required intake and i have a airraid spacer already on. I had to buy a longer tube for the pcv on the right valve cover to the intake that the stock one wasnt long enough even without the spacer. I installed a new mai and had unplugged the negative and allowed...
  8. N

    Stock 40th Anniversary V6 Mustang

    Hey everyone! I'm new here and just wanted some tips and advice from the community. Let me start this by saying I'm 18 and this '04 V6 is my first car. I got it for $5k (cash) with 80k miles on it and it is in amazing condition, no scratches or anything. I wanted to see what (much more...
  9. AzMustangDad

    2001 Saleen N/a For Sale 77k Miles

    2001 Saleen Mustang Naturally-Aspirated (No Supercharger). Real Saleen (Vin and Saleen Badge confirmed with Saleen Company). Great condition. 77,500 Miles. Lots of extras. Clean title in hand. Cash, Bank Loans, and major bank cashier checks only. $12,000 OBO Upgrades: BAMA Tuned with SFX-4...