Engine Cai Now A Bunch Of Mess


New Member
Jan 1, 2017
Hey all,
I just installed a no tune required intake and i have a airraid spacer already on. I had to buy a longer tube for the pcv on the right valve cover to the intake that the stock one wasnt long enough even without the spacer. I installed a new mai and had unplugged the negative and allowed it to reset then took it for a drive. Abput ten miles into my drive i started to smell something almost like plastic burning and pulled over and turned the car off to inspect. Found nothing oht of the ordinary but am now throwing check engine for P0172 x2 bank 1 and P0175 bank 2. Runs like crap and tried to die when i puahed the clutch in to do a stop. I already had a cool air intake on it before and now all this? Anyone have any ideas i found no vac leaks and im almost wondering if. Soiled my o2 sensors

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