1. J

    Engine 95 GT stalls at idle

    Im having some issues with my 95 GT. It was running, albeit not very well but driveable, and then I noticed the EGR valve was missing one of the two nuts that hold it onto the manifold,. The other nut was loose, so there was a large gap between the valve and the manifold where I presume air...
  2. B

    Which Explorer lower do I need? EGR or no EGR?

    I have a 1995 GT with the 5.0 (302 to us old guys). Engine is basically stock, but I am planning an upgrade to GT40 heads and a better intake. To this end, I have purchase the upper to a Cobra intake. If I am correct, I can mate this with an Explorer lower. If so, do I need the lower with...
  3. Eilermoon

    P0403 Error Code

    Hey all! I've got a 2003 Convertible GT reading: P0403 OBDII: Exhaust gas Recirculation (EGR) - circuit malfunction. Does anyone have experience troubleshooting this? I've read things from simply an o2 sensor which would be great and I've done on another vehicle before, but it sounds like it's...
  4. G

    Stupid Questions EGR and Timing

    Hi, Stil to get my car registered but that is another story. I have a couple other questions: 1. When I hook the EGR vacuum up it wants to stall the engine at idle. It didn't do this before but when I was working on something else I noticed the vacuum line to egr was broken so I fixed...
  5. 9

    Engine 93 GT EGR spacer rear coolant tube routing? Smog help

    Hey guys, I’ve been working hard on trying to get my car to pass smog here in CA, and failed part of the NOx portion of the sniffer test. This is after replacing/repairing a number of parts. I have replaced O2 sensors / o2 wire harness, CATS, spark plugs wires, egr valve/ egr sensor, pcv...
  6. T

    Engine 1991 Ford Mustang LX 5.0 Broken Vacuum Wires Need Part Numbers

    Hey guys. Taking off My intake to do the valve covers and a few wires just stated breaking. I believe they are vacuum wires. Can you tell me the part number so I can get new ones? Pictures attached.
  7. I

    Fresh 331 Oil Issue Help

    Hello, I used to have an account here but I havent had a fox for a bit and forgot my password... I really need help, I just finished a 331 stroker on my 88 notch ex georgia police interceptor. When I purchased the car it was a 306 with edelbrock performer intake and heads, 24lb injectors with...
  8. R

    Engine Idling Issue

    Hey everyone, need a more car savy feller to assist me today. Here's my issue: My 03 GT was beginning to stall whenever I slowed down at a light, sign, etc but it idled fine. My first thought was the IAC was going bad. So, after finding one at autozone, I replaced the part and solved the...
  9. R

    Need Expert Advice On Egr Problem

    I had a VORTEC Super Charger installed. Ever since then the EGR Drive Cycle test wont complete. The performance shop that installed the Super Charger and associated custom tune originally said that EGR was turned off in the tune. So they gave me a new tune revision. Well even with the new tune...
  10. C

    Cleaned Egr Valve Now My Car Wont Start.

    Hello guys. I have a 2001 3.8 stang. 115,xxx miles. So recently it was time to get my tags and i had a check engine light went to my local autozone and the code that came up was p0401 egr flow insufficient. First thing i did was change the egr sensor then reset the code. Car worked fine the code...
  11. Mustang Throttle Body Installation - SVE (86-93 5.0L Fox Body)

    Mustang Throttle Body Installation - SVE (86-93 5.0L Fox Body)

    Get more information on the this Mustang performance throttle body here: Upgrade your puny factory throttle body with a SVE 70mm throttle body kit that includes the TB, correct EGR...