1. Jonatan Issa

    Cluster lights

    Hello guys! I have a 1993 fox and the lights of the cluster I thinks is called warning lights don’t come out. Only check engine,low coolant and battery light come out In one of the photos is a connector that I don’t know what it do Sorry for my bad English
  2. M


    Hey yall, came across a problem with the taillights and fog lights. For some reason when looking at my taillights, my turn signals work, my brake lights work, but when I turn my headlights on, my taillights fail to turn on. Is there a reason why everything works up until I turn my headlights on...
  3. 2

    Electrical Power Window Wiring Nightmare.Please Help.

    2002 Mustang GT Auto. Previous owner added a Dei 530T Module so the wiring is not orm from factory. I fixed the driver side power window and lock by re wiring everything back to stock. My problem is my passenger side is getting no power at all. Side Mirror and window do not work with any of the...
  4. R

    5Volts reference putting out 12 volts with key on 18 volts with car on(overcharge)

    I noticed my tps and other sensors like iac and others are giving a 12 volts read on my multimeter with key-on instead of the usual 5 volts it goes as high as 18.5 volts with car on! I'm guessing those ("missing") 5 volts show up eventually when I turn the car on? But wait , how can that be... I...
  5. Mooney35

    Electrical Problems 2004 Mustang Gt

    Hi all, my 2002 Mustang GT has been giving me some problems recently. Within the last two weeks I repainted my front fenders myself, but while I had been painting them the car was out of cover and got rained on. I didn't think much of it at first but then I realized my CCRM (Constant Control...
  6. A

    Crazy Wiring Issue!! I Need Help!!

    So i have a 88 GT and i have a cluster wiring issue. When i turn on the brights my temp gauge jumps up, my battery gauge goes down, my RMP gauge goes up and also the speedo. Also all of the lights shut off on the cluster. When i turn on the left blinker the arrow shows up but when i turn on the...
  7. J

    Multifunction Switch Help

    Ok I am new here and I could really use a little help. I have a 04 V6 convertible that is having an issue with the brake lights, tail lights, instrument cluster, and any form of blinkers. I have read on other forums on here that it's the multifunction switch. I have replaced the multifunction...
  8. J.dement

    Old Stang, New Owner! (nashville)

    "The Old Shall Be Made New... Eventally." SUP! I'm Joey! Just recently obtained a 2000 V6 Electric Green with 195k miles on it. With all the features! (excluding sunroof) Until recently I was the poster child for neglectful car ownership, and it caught up on me. Bad. So, after my finances...