fuel lines

  1. mattys91gt

    Fox Fuel lines??

    I'm not sure what these are but I'm pretty sure something was cut off and a clamp put on.. Now this at the front passenger side near front of oil pan
  2. B

    Fuel SS Fuel line routing into engine bay?

    Hello, I’m doing a ground up resto on a 90LX. It camevto me as a rolling chassis of a 4 cylinder, and was completely stripped down. I’m currently putting the new fuel system in and am laying down classic tube stainless steel fuel lines. They lay out fine on the under carriage, but when it comes...
  3. breth3

    Fuel Fuel Pump upgrade on mild 5.0L

    Hey guys, I need to replace the rusty fuel lines on my 1990 5.0L notch. SVE makes a decent fuel line/system upgrade kit. The kit has 3/8" delivery lines and stock return lines and it comes with a 340 LPH Aeromotive fuel pump which supports gas/E85. I have a BBK adjustable fuel pump regulator on...
  4. J

    questions for 2.3 to 5.0 carb swap

    Have a carbed 302 I got for $600. All new seals gaskets etc etc. plan on swapping out the 2.3. As FOR NOW I plan on keeping the 4cyl spindles, and the rear. As I heard From someone who’s done numerous swaps they can be used, Just not beaten on for the time being. Besides all the trans, engine...
  5. 9

    Air in fuel lines or vapor lock?

    Hey guys. I have a 65 mustang with an Edelbrock carb. And electric fuel pump and I’m assuming the stock gas tank and metal fuel line this past week I’ve noticed that when the car heats up it starves itself for fuel and when I look at the clear in line filter there’s tons of bubbles moving...
  6. J

    1995 GT 5.0 Fuel Lines

    I'm looking for fuel lines for a 95 Gt 5.0 Engine. I have a 1998 mustang Conv. that i put a 95 5.0 in, and i have to replace the fuel lines with 95 5.0 fuel lines. When i google fuel lines, i can't find anything. I'M Talking about the rubber fuel lines that go under the intake and into the fuel...
  7. FordDawg88

    Fuel 1985 Mustang LX TBI Fuel lines HELP!!!

    So I just finished rebuilding the TBI assembly on my 1985 Mustang 5.0 and the nut that screws into the back of the TBI assembly for the return fuel line has split in half. I cannot find replacement lines anywhere since it is the only year of TBI and I do not know what to do. It also seems that...