hazard lights

  1. J

    Hazard lights flashing before/after SJB replacement

    Hey everyone...I'm brand new here and have run into an issue with my 2010 V6 Mustang (automatic). Late last year my wife and I came home one night and the hazard lights on our Mustang were flashing and would not turn off. I disconnected he battery and when I reconnected, they eventually went off...
  2. snodust

    2015 Ecoboost convertible - hazards randomly flashing and backup camera not always working.

    hazards randomly flashing and backup camera not always working Any clues or suggestions are welcome. Battery is at full charge, fuses are fine. The wiring in the trunk does have a permanent bend. In winter it is usually parked over the weekend and not started til Tuesday. I...
  3. S

    1998 Mustang GT Hazard Lights and Turn Signals Mixed Up

    Hello everybody; first time posting here! I recently bought a 1998 Mustang GT from a friend who owned the car for about 2 years with no problems whatsoever. After driving it around for 3 days and familiarizing myself with everything: the windshield wipers and turn signals, the hazard switch...