2015 Ecoboost convertible - hazards randomly flashing and backup camera not always working.


Jun 29, 2019
Buffalo, NY
hazards randomly flashing and backup camera not always working

Any clues or suggestions are welcome. Battery is at full charge, fuses are fine. The wiring in the trunk does have a permanent bend. In winter it is usually parked over the weekend and not started til Tuesday.

I bought it used end dec 2017 with 21k, now 32k. It was parked until March of 2018.

This is my daily driver and road trip car of choice. Yes, I know I drive it in winter, I don’t have a garage and it sits under trees in the summer. That is why I love the traction control switch, it has a complete Ceramic Pro treatment, under coated yearly, and Michelin X-Ice on their own rims. Besides if it is that bad, I don’t have to go anywhere.

Problem started in March 2019. The hazards would flash when 1st started in the morning for about ½ mile. After that it would stop for the rest of the day. Flipping the hazard switch does nothing. Sometimes turning headlamps from auto to off several times works. Doesn’t matter if headlamps are left on auto or off. Sometimes turning car off and on worked. As the temps warmed up into spring and summer it rarely does this on start-up but would do about 3 or 4 flashes after driving for about 2 miles. Then no more.

or they would start flashing while parked and stops when car turned on then off. I can even use the remote starter to interrupt the cycle.

I also randomly loose the backup camera. This has been a problem almost since purchase and has progressively gotten worse. Most often in the morning as well. I check after the 30 minute drive to work and it is fine 95+% of the time.

I did fix the loss of the Sirius XM antenna. There were multiple breaks in the wiring. This was easy to get to and fix.

Thanks for your thoughts and help
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