Hazard lights flashing before/after SJB replacement


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May 31, 2020
Grand Rapids, MI
Hey everyone...I'm brand new here and have run into an issue with my 2010 V6 Mustang (automatic). Late last year my wife and I came home one night and the hazard lights on our Mustang were flashing and would not turn off. I disconnected he battery and when I reconnected, they eventually went off and stayed off for a couple months. A couple months later, same thing.... hazards wouldn't stop flashing, disconnected battery.... and so it goes...

I read on this forum about the Smart Junction Box issues that Mustangs have, so I replaced my battery and ordered a new SJB...just replaced it today and the hazards stayed off for a few minutes, but then came back on. Only now, my shifter won't go out of park. So I have the hazard issue and I cannot shift the Mustang out of park now. The shifter doesn't seem loose at all, the button just won't depress to let me shift.

So I am at a loss... not sure what is going on with the hazards randomly flashing on their own, and now I have no idea why I can't shift either. Any thoughts?
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