1. slipkid269

    What's it Worth? Have H.O. Is GT Better or Worth it?

    So this is posted ...somewhere "GT style explorer intakes $100 upper and lower GT40p heads complete, need refreshed $100/set" I have a 89 HO. I know the HO manifolds and heads are better than the 302 and the Explorer parts work great on a 302. But how much better are they than HO parts? Is it...
  2. 0

    Where does this short (5-6 inch) wire go?

    Does this look like a ground? 2003 mustang GT. Replaced intake and now reverse lights,speedo, and blower motor is out. Could this have something to do with it? The wire is only about 5-6 inches long and literally nowhere to plug up. Any ideas?
  3. Hudson N

    Anybody know what this bolt hole is for?

    2004 gt, factory intake manifold, this bolt hole behind the throttle body towards the passenger side, goes into the plastic manifold, what's it for? Just wondering if somethings supposed to go there. (In the photo it's the hole with the brass sleeve there, between the TB spring and cable)
  4. Hudson N

    Do I have the upgraded intake manifold?

    I come from fox bodies, so I'm new to the 4.6. I'm wondering if my 04 has the upgraded manifold? Under load on the freeway it gets a little bit of shaking like its motor mounts, but it seems solid at idle, any ideas what it could be? Heres some photos of my manifold. Thanks
  5. C

    Exhaust Rattle coming from manifold

    So I have a rattle when my 2001 mustang is turned on sometimes and sometimes when I put it into gear. After I’ve driven it for a while and it’s warmed up, the rattle goes away. There is an exhaust leak from where the manifold and the exhaust pipe meet on the passenger side. Could this exhaust...
  6. W

    Engine Questions about cobra intake manifold

    I somewhat recently purchased a cobra upper and lower and will soon get around to installing them. As my car is a daily driver I am trying to sort out any issues beforehand. I know this is a common swap so I'm sure some of the information I'm asking for is out there I'd just like to be certain...
  7. 9

    Need Help on what I need - New to the game

    Hey people. I am new to the fox game and I am looking to put some money into my car. I am working with a bone stock 92 5.0 LX. this car runs strong and really does not have any issues. any help on what I should do first to the car would be great. I am looking to make a nice weekend driver and...
  8. utemachine

    Gt40 Intakes On Ebay

    I am looking for a GT40 upper and lower intake and there are several on eBay. What should I be looking for? Is there a specific year? So many options, I need a little guidance.
  9. Shelden

    Cracked Exhaust Manifold

    Going to be removing my passenger side exhaust manifold due to it being cracked completely in half right above where the flange connection is, managed to remove the 6 nuts fastening the manifold to the block , and the top egr bolt, but I can't seem to reach the lower egr bolt or the two bolts...
  10. chapters707

    Should I Replace Manifold Before Dropping My Engine?

    Hi all, I am getting ready to swap out my busted 96 4.6 sohc engine with an identical one in the next week or so. (Been struggling with a stubborn midpipe bolt.) Anyway I've been reading today about a common problem with these plastic manifolds leaking coolant and eventually cracking. This new...
  11. T

    2001 3.8 Coolant Leak Near Intake

    I have coolant pooled up under my upper intake manifold near my passenger side valve cover. I recently replaced my thermostat and have a coolant sensor that I still need to put in. I can't tell if it's leaking from a cracked manifold or if it's a bad intake gasket. Which is more likely and how...