Engine Questions about cobra intake manifold


New Member
Apr 6, 2019
Gainesville FL
I somewhat recently purchased a cobra upper and lower and will soon get around to installing them. As my car is a daily driver I am trying to sort out any issues beforehand. I know this is a common swap so I'm sure some of the information I'm asking for is out there I'd just like to be certain and make sure I'm not having any unique issues.
The questions I have are these:
How will I have to change the vacuum setup for the new manifold? Attached Is an image of the bottom of the cobra upper which also has a strange sensor that my stock intake lacks. There's also a crude diagram showing how the vacuum lines are setup on the stock one.
Secondly, my stock manifold has a half inch spacer, do you think the cobra manifold will require it to clear the valve covers?
The car is a 1990. Basically stock.
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