master cylinder

  1. T

    master cylinder upgrade and brake booster question

    I was just thinking of changing the master cylinder and brake booster on my 1985 mustang. Everything on the braking system is stock but was just curious if I would benefit from switching the master cylinder and brake booster to a newer system?
  2. S

    Emergency brake light issue

    2007 v6 model. The e brake light on the dash won’t go out. The master cylinder is full and not below the sensor. The parking brake switch in the center console works fine and makes repetitive ding noise when you try and drive it with the e-brake up. I pulled the center console apart and used a...
  3. Willybill32

    Question about '86 master cylinder and booster swap

    I have a 1986 Mustang GT 5.0/5 speed. The car sat inside for at least the past 12 years or so. About nine years ago I re-did the suspension, including swapping in a front suspension from an '87-'93, new shocks/struts, new springs and a rear disc conversion kit from Stainless Steel Brake Corp...
  4. C

    No brakes

    Hi I recently replaced my master cylinder because I figured that would fix my problem of not being able to stop when I press the brake pedal. System was bled by the books after replacing and brake pads were inspected and are almost brand new. Although, an ABS light does come on and I have not...
  5. T

    Clutch going bad or something else? Please help

    2009 base model. V6 manual trans. So, I started noticing some grinding of gears (all gears. Shifting up) when I shift. If I shift slowly, there is no grind. It just takes a brief pause after I shift out of a gear before I shift into the next gear, and then there is no grind. So, I came to my...
  6. KaraKedi

    Master Cylinder & Booster for Disc/Disc Brake

    Hi Gurus, I upgraded my 65 Fastback 4 speed manuel disc/drum brakes with, front Cobra Disc Brakes and single piston rear disc brakes. Brake pedal performance is not enought for me. I want to upgrade master cylinder and booster. Which combo is the best? Regards, Musa
  7. B

    Brakes 82 four eye brake issue

    Okay so my brakes arent working for some reason. New master cylinder and brake booster new lines and still aren't working. This happened after maybe a month of sitting then i noticed the tranny slipping which i wasnt worried about because i have a built c4 for it waiting to be installed but the...
  8. M

    Help Removing 1996 Cobra Master Cylinder

    I need some guidance on removing the lower nut securing the master cylinder to the hydroboost. I have searched online but found nothing. The space is so small and I can barely get a hand between the valvecover and master cylinder using the smallest socket wrench I have. I've also tried to go...