Brakes 82 four eye brake issue

brandon foster

New Member
Jan 30, 2016
Okay so my brakes arent working for some reason. New master cylinder and brake booster new lines and still aren't working. This happened after maybe a month of sitting then i noticed the tranny slipping which i wasnt worried about because i have a built c4 for it waiting to be installed but the tranny lost 3rd gear then finally wouldnt go into gear at all and when i lost all gears in the tranny thats when my brakes stop working thought it was odd and cant figure this out. Any tipps and advice would be appreciated. 1982 289 with 302 heads c4 tranny
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Your brake problems and transmission problems are two different things. I'm not sure why you're bringing up your transmission issues in a post about your brakes not working.

We need more information to help with your brake issues. What happens when you push the brake pedal down? Does it sink to the floor or does it go down a little bit and hold steady?
Me telling about the tranny is just letting you know what happened up before my brakes went out....what else do ya need to know about my brakes that wasnt mentioned in the og post?

You said the brakes dont work but you didnt mention any symptom. If you read my first response to you above, I asked a specific question about a symptom. If you answer the question I asked, maybe I can give suggestions to fix things.