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    Just sharing my almond coupe

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    Engine Swap Questions: 1982 Into 1993

    Hello. I have a 1993 Mustang, but it is a 4-cyl. I am planning to swap a V8 into it. I see a pretty good deal for a 1982 5.0, and now I am wondering if there would be any significant difficulties swapping the whole engine and drivetrain from the '82 to the '93. Wiring issues? Any issues at all?
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    Leaking Coolant

    I need other peoples opinions. I have a 1998 ford mustang. I replaced all three hoses from radiator to water pump and clamps and water pump and while pouring coolant back in it went straight to the ground from somewhere in the back the of the motor underneath. And there is no water in my oil and...