1. fastang67

    For Sale 91 Mustang LX 5.0 Coupe 6-speed

    I built this car 20 years ago with intentions to auto cross but I paused it to start a family. 302 bored 0.040 over Kieth Black pistons, Ported Twisted wedge heads and Cobra intake, 24lb injectors, ECM Chip E303 Cam, electric water pump, dual fans (needs to be finished) MSD 6AL ignition...
  2. BudE_916

    WTB/Trade [WTB] 91-93 interior quarter panels for a Foxbody Coupe.

    My coupe is a 1993 with black interior. Color is not a big deal as I can spray over it with some good LMR paint. Located in Sacramento, CA and willing to pay for shipping. Thank you.
  3. B

    For Sale For Sale 1993 Mustang SSP Coupe

    I am ready to part with my 1993 Mustang SSP Coupe. The car was Florida State Police Highway Patrol from Orlando, I crossed the numbers from the buck tags through a SSP site prior to my purchase of the car in 2009. The buck tags are still on the car, however some years ago I discovered they...
  4. N

    SOLD Supercharged 1989 SSP Coupe $13,500 obo

    1989 ex Texas Department of Public Safety Special Service Package coupe, verified by buck tags and VIN on the VIN project list. H/C/I/SC, TKO600, 31 spline axles, Tweecer RT. Lots of pics: My goal for the build of the...
  5. 9

    SOLD 1990 Lx Notch, Des Moines

    I am selling my '90 5.0 LX 5 speed Kenne Bell ts series supercharger Maximum motorsports strut tower brace, subframe connectors, sway bar, caster/camber plates, and torque arm 18" Cobra R wheels 5 lug, 4 wheel disk conversion Extra fiberglass hood (Cervini stromin norman) Extra set of wheels...
  6. 87_notch_402

    Fox 87 Notch Progresss

    I new to this forum! I don't even know if im posting this correctly. I just thought i would share some progress of my fox body that i purchased last year. Ive done a few things this past year and am currently 351w swapping it right now. Ill try to keep updating this thread with new things im...
  7. The Chicagoan

    Hello, New To The Page, Just Bought My First Mustang!

    Hello, I Just bought a 89 fox body notch back and I'm in love. It's my first real project car and my first muscle car. Body is rust free and came with a rebuilt 302 connected to a c4 trans. Welded mini cage, frame ties and little things here and there. 5 lug conversion, soon to have disc...
  8. 88LXCoupe09

    Expired Notch Quarter Window

    I've owned various Fox's and recently had to sell the coupe I was building, as I am finishing college and it was getting too expensive for me. Only flaw in the window is a 1/2" x 3" strip of the molding as you can see in the pics. I found this Quarterwindow a year ago, knowing how hard they are...