1. C

    Electrical HOLLEY

    I’m swapping my 95 mustang 5.0 to a carb with an AODE transmission that came with the car, I’m going to buy Holley stand alone and put a TPS sensor on the carb my question is what is the easiest route to get all of my gauges to work whether it’s on the cluster or custom gauges also, the RPM...
  2. 91_Boostednotch

    Engine Cam ID HelP!!!!

    This camshaft was removed from my 302 and I have been unable to find any information on it. Any help would be appreciated. I have called COMP and they were unable to tell me anything. Thanks in advance!!! Some of the numbers are the following 0019SS, 201824, 449358, 44-07-01
  3. C

    Electrical Ignition cylinder lock drill out

    I just recently purchased my 84 mustang with 87 front clip and the previous owner had lost the keys and had drilled out the ignition lock cylinder. Not sure if he drilled it in the wrong spot or not but I cannot get the dang thing out. The pin lock on the side of the cylinder has been drilled...
  4. R

    Bad Vibration at 2000-3000RPM

    Ok I’m stumped. 1995 mustang v6 car converted to 5.0 I pulled the block this fall and took it down to the bare block. Got it bored .030 over, like honed, new plugs, cam bearings decked the block and got a scat street/strip 347 stroker kit installed. Here’s the rest… 347 stroker Ford F303 Cam...
  5. 91mustanglxcoupe

    89 Mustang MS3 gold box tuner studio idle control and injector dead time

    I have a 89 mustang with SBF 302 with GT40P heads and Vortech V1 blower at 10psi and running the ms3 gold box with tuner studio. In the idle control section I'm trying to find out what the valve mode is supposed to be set at inverted or normal for a stock IAC valve. Idle valve type is set at PWM...
  6. T

    ON3 turbo boost help!?

    Hello all, I have been trying to figure this boost problem out for a year now... I have the on 3 performance 76m turbo kit and I am only making 8 lbs of boost with springs set for 18+... I have removed and blocked the wastegate and still no extra boost. I did a boost leak test and only found...
  7. B

    WTB/Trade Used Aluminum Heads

    Want to buy, a used set of aluminum heads, they can need work, will consider any brand and size.
  8. reddragonracing

    For Sale Edelbrock Alum Heads Rpm

    for sale edelbrock sbf rpm alum heads cost $1500 will sell for $950 Jonesville VA 24263
  9. B

    Expired Dart 427 Afr 220 All New Never Fired

    I have run out of money and need to sell my project engine. Tons invested here. Dart 9.5 deck height 4.125 bore SHP block with full forged 4 inch stroker scat rotating assembly bring it to 427 cubes. Fully balanced and blueprinted. Scat 4130 forged 4 inch stroker crank with 2.75 cleavland...