Electrical Ignition cylinder lock drill out


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Feb 3, 2020
I just recently purchased my 84 mustang with 87 front clip and the previous owner had lost the keys and had drilled out the ignition lock cylinder. Not sure if he drilled it in the wrong spot or not but I cannot get the dang thing out. The pin lock on the side of the cylinder has been drilled out as well.

Did he just not drill far enough ? He went what looks like 1 1/2 - 1 5/8" deep. I see the pins on the bottom trailing towards the back on the cylinder. The first 4 are gone and there is still one or two I see in the back.

Where the drill bit stopped looks to be solid metal.

Any suggestions?

About to redo all the brakes and get it running. Hasn't been started in a few weeks. 393w forged bottom aluminum headed 770 carb stealth intake with a 150 pill of nitrous but set up for 300. 12-1 comp. 100oct when I go through town. Renegade Pro nitrous 120 Oct at the strip. 0 runs G force T-5 4.11's beefed up 8.8.
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Pics please.
if I remember right the switch has to be turned to the run position to slide out.
Yep thats correct so he is going to need a tool called a Force tool which I have from the old days when I used to repo cars in the late 80's/early 90's and banks didnt supply spare keys....LOL

A duckbill set of vicegrips and a blank key should get it turned so you can push the pin to get the ignition out unless its missing the wing then you need the force tool a cordless drill and a slap hammer...........Sometimes a slap hammer and a drill works too if you know where to put the bit and can drill perfectly straight..The tool is a jig and tthe holes are a drillbit guide to make sure the hole is drilled straight too..

Sometimes its easier just to get another steering column with keys................Good Luck

repo 1.JPG

The tool was also good for cracking the locks on soda machines too...someone threw this one out without the key...


I cracked it open and repurposed it into a hidden tool cabinet complete with power station for the cordless tools and a 300watt sound bar w/subwoofer in the bottom and 4 satellite speakers on top...........LOL

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Sorry guys, I've been out of town for work and vacation with the holidays. I got the ignition cylinder lock out. There was a key pin I didn't see that needed to be drilled out. I thought the guy drilled to far. He didn't just a touch to high into the cylinder. I do have some questions regarding waiting to a battery relocated to the trunk but I will post in the correct forum. Thank you for your help