smog delete

  1. kamikaze5.0

    V-1 Supercharger Belt Questions

    Hello, I am looking to see if anyone has installed a V-1 supercharger on a fox without a smog pump and AC. I installed everything last night and i am looking to start figuring the serpentine belt. anyone have any ideas on how to run the serpentine belt without the smog or AC system? Or does...
  2. 93Vertang

    New Project 5.0 Smog Emissions

    Hello I have a rebuilt motor with non smog heads. Previous owner assembled fuel injection intake and it was running rich and gave up. My question in order to pass emissions do I need the smog manifold hooked up to pass? The car has an x pipe but most emissions items unhooked. So if I hook the...
  3. FrankenStang88

    Engine Smog Delete

    Ok so before you guys call me a "dumb ass redneck", I just want to let you know that the previous owner deleted all the emmisions parts off my 88 gt. I put a new engine in it recently and now the cel is on and its running in limp mode. I havent run the code yet but im 95% sure its the smog...