spark plugs

  1. D

    Please Help!!! Spark Plug

    Okay I own a Procharged P1-X e85 2018 Mustang GT. Currently took out all spark plugs since I noticed I was burning oil. Cylinder 7 and 8 were blackened and you could see oil on it and the rest were normal. When I noticed it driving I didn't whomp on it at all just drove it normal and it acted...
  2. Hudson N

    Spark plug diagnostic question

    This doesn't look right, is it oil fouling, what do you guys think?
  3. Tyler Hunter

    Engine 93 5.0 Car Won't Start, Oil On All Spark Plugs!!

    Hello All, I have a 93 5.0 Mustang that has a stock motor at 185k miles that was running great until recently. It all started when I found out I had an exhaust leak somewhere, I noticed the car had a slight loss of power which makes sense but over time it seemed to get a lot worse. The car would...