1. A

    Speed density to MAF stock 86

    I'm trying to see if its worth swapping my speed density to a mass air sensor. My 86 GT is stock but I'm planning on getting some GT40 heads and intake later down the line. Is there any benefits if I do it now or should I just wait.
  2. H

    Best heads for stock block/Pistons

    Hi all looking at getting some cylinder heads. If you have put heads on a stock block 5.0 please chime in... What did you get, are you happy? Bang for the buck or just awesome? Dont matter. GO!!
  3. P

    Digital Tuning Need help with returning to stock (SCT)

    I recently got a 2001 Mustang GT that came with an SCT tune and the tuner itself. For the most part the car runs great, but I get an intermediate P0190 code and the car runs slightly poor while its on... but the code goes away within 24 hours. I want to return the car to stock before I further...
  4. N

    For Sale 1993 LX Hatchback

    Super clean 93 with 43,900 miles on the clock. You really need to see it to appreciate it. The only modifications are an aftermarket radio, flowmasters and a 6 speed T56. Here is the story.......I just purchased the car with the intent of having a perfect foxbody that I could do minor mods and...
  5. 20181013_172523-1.jpg


    My '02 Mustang Base
  6. 20181013_172445_HDR-1.jpg


    My '02 Mustang Base
  7. T

    Stock Bolts on Shorty Headers

    Can I use stock bolts on new BBK shorty headers or do I need to order new bolts?
  8. W

    WTB/Trade WTB 1989.5 Mustang GT Fastback

    WTB 1989.5 Mustang GT Fastback This is what my baby looked like. This is my preferred choice. I am looking for a 25th Anniversary Edition Ford Mustang GT Fastback with manual transmission. The 1989.5 is preferred, but a 1990 with the 25th Anniversary badge will work. I prefer the Bright...
  9. wiseguyk

    Fox What's A Fair Asking Price For High Mileage Stock 5.0/t-5 Setup?

    Hey guys, I pulled my stock motor and transmission last weekend and have a friend of a friend interested in buying everything. I told him I'd get back to him with pictures and a price but have no real idea what a fair price would be to give him. It's a 1991 5.0 with intake, fuel rails...
  10. A

    Wheels-Tires Best Rim And Tire Combo For 2017 V6?

    Hey guys, I’ve begun the start of my research for new wheels and tires for my 2017 v6. Just curious as to what would be the best size and tires for daily driving. Also looking for a combo That will come close or match the original tire diameter. Thank you!
  11. N


    So I'm new to the full on mechanics world, but I'm ready to tackle my first real project. I'm hoping this forum will be a helpful tool for advice and other needed help. I have just recently gotten to the point that I have space to work on my 1970 Fastback. So I am planning on doing a full tear...
  12. D

    How Can I Return My Ecu To Stock? Help!

    Hi guys, I am in the UK and have a 2011 Mustang GT. I've just installed a late 2014 crate engine (guessing late 14 by the different dipstick) into it as the last one died. However, we cant get the crank sensors to relearn and we've tried everything, revving it higher, taking it for a drive...
  13. N

    Stock 40th Anniversary V6 Mustang

    Hey everyone! I'm new here and just wanted some tips and advice from the community. Let me start this by saying I'm 18 and this '04 V6 is my first car. I got it for $5k (cash) with 80k miles on it and it is in amazing condition, no scratches or anything. I wanted to see what (much more...
  14. newedgejay

    Electrical Mach Sound System.. Can You Buy It?

    I have a stock 2000 V6 5spd that I acquired less than a week ago. And when I say stock, I mean the only things done to the car that are truly aftermarket are rims, window tint, and a Sony radio. No leather seats.. no lumbar support.. no fog lights.. no Mach 460 sound system like what is in my 99...
  15. Mustang Club Of America

    Mustang Club Of America

    39TH annual fall regional Shelby/Mustang event. Held at the Biltmore Square Mall in Asheville, NC. Ranging from Classic to Modern with Borla at the event showing off there systems and some engines on display with ITB'S " individual throttle body's " . Very good event hosted by great people in a...