1. J

    Drivetrain T-5 whine in Neutral

    Hi everyone, ive been hearing a whine in my tranmission when in neutral. when moving throughout the gears it goes away and everyting runs grea. as soon a i put the car in neutal it returns, i did have the input shaft and bearing replaced a few months ago im not sure if its a normal sound as the...
  2. G

    WTB/Trade In Search of T-5 Transmission

    I'm looking to buy a WC T-5 to rebuild and convert into my 69 Coupe. They don't seem to be as available as they used to be around my area. Thanks in advance
  3. D

    T-5 issue with 3/4 slider on rebuild

    Been rebuilding the T-5 (WC) in my 2000 V6 mustang. Having issues with the 3/4 slider on the rebuild. Slider works fine for 3rd gear but when I attempt to act like I'm shifting to 4th gear, the slider goes too far, which causes the keys in the slider to 'stand up', stopping the slider from...
  4. Sheep Dowg

    Gt40p Blues Stuck In Da Stable.

    Greeting Stangnet, This is my first thread ever. I feel like I’m posting wrong because there is lots of GT40P info in here. So here goes. My Stalions a 68 Coup, 90EFI, newly machined GT40P Heads, T-5 tranny with newly installed clutch cable. I didn’t do my resurch well enough as I have newly...
  5. wiseguyk

    Drivetrain T-5 Temporary Replacement Questions

    Hey guys, I recently had 2nd gear go out in my 91 LX and have been doing research on replacing the factory T-5. Since I'm swapping the stock engine out in the future, I am planning on getting an Astro A-5 but they won't be able to have any built until Jan/Feb. I really want to drive the car...
  6. D

    Transmission And Drivtrain Help!!

    I'm having problems with my 2002 T-5 transmission and was wondering if I should pull it out and rebuild it or just buy a T-45 and build that?:bang: