1. B

    Ignition Issues, Code 18

    hey guys, since I have been doing a lot of searches on my issues and a lot of answers are coming from this site. I have an 86' LX 5.0L. About a year ago I ran into an issue where my car was intermittently cutting out like a misfire and the auto meter tach was bouncing everywhere. Just with...
  2. Josh4x4td

    1985 Mustang Gt Idling Problem

    First Thread on here whats up everyone. Recently aquired a 1985 Mustang GT 5.0 5speed and so far it has been a great car. A few days ago I was driving normal and I came up to a stop light and the car died and would not fire for about 5 or 10 minutes. I have done a little research and figured out...
  3. D

    Electrical Tfi Electrical Testing Question

    Howdy, A quick question on an electrical test chart cited in jrichker's tech notes, "How the TFI ignition works in 86-93 model Mustangs." JPEG of test chart attached. Regarding test 3, "Power to TFI module, engine crank" I am getting around 10.6 volts, but the expected result is 8 - 10...