1. J

    Drivetrain T-5 whine in Neutral

    Hi everyone, ive been hearing a whine in my tranmission when in neutral. when moving throughout the gears it goes away and everyting runs grea. as soon a i put the car in neutal it returns, i did have the input shaft and bearing replaced a few months ago im not sure if its a normal sound as the...
  2. 1

    Please help!

    Hey everyone so I have a 2004 Mach 1 with just under 100k miles. Just recently my car started to make a crazy whinnying/grinding nose while im driving. It doesnt happen at neutral and it doesn’t happen when im revving. It happen in 2-5 once I hit about 3k rpm and will keep making this noice...
  3. S

    Constant chirping noise from clutch/trans!!!

    So about a month ago, I noticed this chirping noise coming from my engine bay. At the time, it only happened right when releasing the clutch pedal and accelerating in gear, didn’t matter which gear, and sometimes it would happen when revving I’m neutral, without touching the clutch pedal. And it...
  4. R

    Mustang shifting issues, very heavy clutch pedal and very hard to shift

    Hey guys, I have a 2002 mustang gt that has become increasingly hard to shift. The clutch is annoyingly heavy (to the point where it is challenging to feather it) and shifting the gears takes a ton of effort. I installed a new adjustable clutch cable kit a couple of months ago, which made the...
  5. T

    Aod shifter linkage

    Just installed a new AOD transmission in my car and I was having trouble with the shifter on the transmission being in the down position it was previously in the up position on the last transmission and now with my kick down cable from lokar I think it it is interfering with this cable. And now...
  6. Olivethefet

    What's it Worth? T56 value

    I know a guy that has a T56 that he is selling. He is asking 2K for the transmission, shifter, bell housing, and a ram clutch. If he still has it in a few weeks I might try to buy it off of him. Is 2K a good price for a used T56? This is not a T56 magnum.