Constant chirping noise from clutch/trans!!!

So about a month ago, I noticed this chirping noise coming from my engine bay. At the time, it only happened right when releasing the clutch pedal and accelerating in gear, didn’t matter which gear, and sometimes it would happen when revving I’m neutral, without touching the clutch pedal. And it wasn’t that loud. I didn’t know exactly where it was coming from, but the first troubleshooting step I did was replacing the tensioner and some belt pulleys. Of course, that wasn’t the issue. I took my car to a shop and got it on a lift so they could try to pinpoint where it was coming from, and the guy kinda waved me off, quickly telling me it’s my throw out bearing. The noise was definitely coming from somewhere behind the engine. I was in the car when it was on the lift, so I have no idea exactly where it is. Before we put it on the lift, my mechanic revved the car when it was on the ground and we definitely determined that the noise was coming from between front wheels, in the clutch/trans area. They told me the noise would get worse over time.

Well, the noise definitely has gotten worse over time, it’s noticeable from outside the car. It mainly happens on start ups, when the car first revs up. The noise remains there at idle if it’s a cold start for a few minutes, then it goes away. It also happens when just revving the car, with the clutch both in and out. The noise doesn’t change depending on the clutch position. It happens every time I accelerate in first, and in between gear shifts (when letting off the gas and clutching in to shift, the noise happens). It happens sometimes when actually driving in gear, no matter what gear. To summarize, The noise is most noticeable on start ups and in between gear shifts when driving. But when just revving the car it’s there as well. The video linked above shows the noise when revving, from idle, in neutral, at a standstill. No contact with the clutch pedal AT ALL.

My car has long tubes on it, so before I drop $1500 to replace my clutch, I could use some input from you guys.

My car has 60K miles. My car is full bolt on with a street cam, so it makes a bit more power than stock. I assume it’s on the stock clutch. I don’t race or drive hard or shift like a mad man. The guy who had it before didn’t do any of that either. Before him, I don’t know.

EDIT: I should also note that there are no drivability issues with the car. Runs and drives the same way it always has.

Here are some more videos kinda showing the noise from inside/outside the car:

Video from inside car while driving

Video from outside the car while driving
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A throw out bearing noise will almost always change when your foot is on the pedal, because the load on bearing is much greater....when your foot off the pedal its just idling, i.e. spinning w no load on it.