Mustang shifting issues, very heavy clutch pedal and very hard to shift

Hey guys, I have a 2002 mustang gt that has become increasingly hard to shift. The clutch is annoyingly heavy (to the point where it is challenging to feather it) and shifting the gears takes a ton of effort. I installed a new adjustable clutch cable kit a couple of months ago, which made the clutch lighter and more comfortable for about a day and it was back to being stiff again the next day. It stayed like this until a week or two until it became lighter again for about 30 minutes of driving during the evening. (did not change in the middle of driving). It then went back to being stiff the next day and has not changed at all since then. I am told by the shop I get work done on my mustang that I am likely having disengagement issues and should probably get a new clutch. I am not sure if the clutch is the original or not, I have only owned it for almost 3 years and it currently has 84k miles. I also changed transmission fluid a year or two ago. Could it be a clutch spring delete? Do the newedge's even have a clutch spring? Any help would be much appreciated.
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Hi Red, I have a 99 GT and did the same install several weeks ago. I had the exact same issue. Once the car was warmed up it shifted fine, when it was cold though it felt as if the cable was stuck and the pedal was super hard to push. What I did was remove the cable and lubricate the hell out of it! I used garage door lube and made sure it was dripping out the bottom of the cable. I re-installed the cable and the clutch feels like new again. Easy to push and no pedal snag. Once the cable is free the shifting problems will go away as well. Give it a shot. Take care.