upper intake

  1. A

    Cracked Tubing Upper Intake

    anybody know where to find this tubing? Both ends are cracked. Tubes are found underneath the upper intake
  2. A

    Upper Intake damage

    Hey all, just wanted to get an opinion on whether this damage is not salvageable? What you’re looking at is the plenum side that mates with the egr spacer; it was a tough cookie to remove the spacer so the plenum took some damage Could I just sand this down and carry on or will it never be the...
  3. Wagontrain

    Fox Upper Intake

    Looking online and dreaming of upgrades I see upper intake manifolds for my 87 5.0 efi VIN F but the throttle body/air intake all face towards the passenger side in the pictures while my air box is on the driver's side. Is it just as simple as flipping it the other way? I can't find anything...
  4. Seagan

    Pdf. Manual For 98-04?

    Trying to find out if theres anyone who has come across a downloadable or even just a viewable pdf. manual. been dumping money in and have to fix it again with limited funds, any help would be greatly appreciated. For those curious, check engine code p1518 IMRC actuator control malfunction, door...
  5. B

    Help. Deafening Whining Noise

    I just swapped my upper and lower intake with a 94-95 cobra U & L. After I got everything put together and started it up it made this extremely loud whining noise. It's hard to pinpoint the noise because of the loudness but I suspect the distributor perhaps. Symptoms: idles around 3k until it...