‘73 wheels

Hi everyone-
I’m new to Stangnet. When I graduated College in 1981 my father bought me an almost new 8 cyl. Mustang Ghia which I didn’t want because I had been eyeing a restored ‘67 convertible Mustang. In the end, however, instead of all that I bought with daddy’s money a pristine but used original ‘73 Mustang 351-C Convertible in a burnt orange metallic with a white canvas top and a saddle tan interior. Today it looks almost the same with now 68K miles and runs really well. About 30 years ago I started collecting the optional original Mach 1 Aluminum Slotted wheels with chrome center caps available only in 1973 and now have 5 wheels which are out being polished by a friend. My problem is I have either wrong or damaged red plastic center inserts for the chrome caps and need 4 new ones but have been unable to find them. They’re red plastic with the Mustang emblem in the center per the photo. I’d like to buy just the plastic inserts as I have everything else. Does anyone have these or know where I can get them? Thanks!


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