00' v6 weather related problems.


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Sep 23, 2007
My 2000 v6 mustang with 57k miles gets about 13 mpg in the winter and 23 in the summer,,, what the heck could cause this? I'm in michigan, so these two seasons give a big temp change...

also, in the warmer months somthing in my engine bay, knocks, and my right turn signal stops working. I don't think its spark nock, but I think somthing is loose under the hood and is banging against the block or somthing. When its winter again, no engine noise, and blinker works like a charm. as SOOON as it hits about 50 degrees out, both of these things start to occur again.... im boggled. :nonono:

for the engine knock it happens around 1500-2200 rpm, any gear. and I have to be giving it throttle to get the noise to start. when coasting at those rpm's it doesnt occur.

as for the blinker problem, only the right blinker.... it either takes it a LONG time to actually start blinking (3 minutes after clicking it on) then a 'ERRR' electrical noise :p happens, then the blinker starts to blink like normal. other times it doesnt work at all, and seldomly after ive been driving for a while, it will work normal, regaurdless of the weather outside. :eek: its posessed!

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Well, for 13 MPG, you should be throwing down like 500 horsepower at the rear wheels! Since I assume that you're not, there's definitely something wrong. There's no misfire when the engine is not making the knocking sound? You might have a stuck injector that is flooding one of the cylinders with gas, or you could have a lot of carbon buildup that is causing carbon knock (preignition caused by glowing carbon deposits on the pistons).

As for the turn signal, have you tried replacing the flasher unit? I'm sure putting another one in will solve your possession...
in september last year i had a P0143 ( i hope im remembering that right ) but it was for small leak in the ecap system, leaky tank grommet, fixed that and the code turned off by itself. nothing since then :(