01 GT... swapping in a Windsor...


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Jul 14, 2001
Evans City, PA
More stupid questions for the car with the Recon engine.

So this kid has an 01 that had a Romeo and the 3650. The only thing he'll need to put the Windsor in is an 8-bolt flywheel and oil fill cap, correct? Will his 11" clutch work with the 8 flywheel, or is the Windsor flywheel only designed for the 10.5 T45 clutch? Is the intake going to go right on from the Romeo as well? According to Felpro, they are different gaskets for the intakes.

Sorry for all the questions... were just trying to keep the engine from going back to Recon if it's at all possible.
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The Recon engine came with new valve covers, so that's taken care of. I was reading through the Ford Racing catalog, and I found a couple part numbers...

M-6375-G46 is for an 8 bolt flywheel and M-6397-A302 is for the new bolts and dowl pin set. That's all that I can find about the difference besides the valve covers.