03-04 Cobra Pedal Covers on 67-68 Mustang?

Hey Guys,
I wanted to see if anyone had any experience in fitting the pedal covers from an 03/04 Cobra or 01 Bullitt into the classic mustangs. I have a set in my 01 GT and love them over stock and must say that the stock pedal covers from the 60's aren't that great, especially if there is a little moisture on your shoes.

Has anyone been able to fit the newer pedal covers on their cars? What are some pedal covers that you guys have used? I'm looking for something with a little more grip than stock. Show some pics if you have them so we can have a better idea. Thanks.
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You could do a "bolt-on" solution. Fabricate a dummy pedal to put the Bullitt covers onto and then weld brackets to them that would bolt to the stock pedals. If you did it right it wouldn't look bad at all. Or you could even drill holes through the stock pedal and hold the dummy piece on with bolts or welded on studs.
I'm interested too !

Are the early pedal faces larger or smaller than the '03-'04 Cobra?
Sounds like ya'll have several good ideas for that.

I was exploring the idea of using the '93 throttle pedal assy in the '65 so that I could have a cable throttle. Might could do the same with Cobra pedal assembly or attach the pad somehow to the early pad and rod set-up.