03 control arm install questions


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Jul 27, 2002
I just started on my install of the 03 front control arms, 00 cobra r tie rod ends and C springs. So far i've run into a couple of problems especially since my impact gun is broke so I couldn't take the top strut bolt off... just took the the bottom strut bolts out so the strut is still there but really isn't in the way. How do I get the balljoint nut off without an impact gun? Also the same for the tie rod ends...

i've done plenty of searches and even though i found some install guides none of them were very thorough. Most skipped steps and none of them mentioned anything about the ball joint nuts or tie rods.
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I found using a tie rod end puller works great for taking tie rod ends and ball joints off. Worked like a charm all 4 times I've used it. You can rent one at Autozone.

However, I have never had the issue with the top strut nut. I have the bilsteins, and they have a allen keyway to aid in manual removal.

Good luck. Just be patient. It gets kinda nerve racking.