03 GT Forged Internals info ect.

Gotta few questions, but let me give you my mods so far.
03 GT
3.73 gears
bbk l/t headers
bbk o/r x-pipe
borla exhaust
cms n/a stage II cams
jlt cai

So i'm planning on a forced induction setup, done some research on procharger, paxton, kenne bell, and vortech but haven't decided yet, doesn't really matter though i still have the same questions.
First, are forged internals a must or what? I know they say the stock bottom end is safe up to around 450 or so, but don't wanna chance it. Looked around and found mmr pistons,rings, and rod combo for $1,100. Was told not to worry about the stock crank because it can handle it. If i do decide to buy this kit, they have an option for notched pistons for higher lift cams. Leads me to the question, are the cms n/a stage 2 cams considered high lift or what? Here's the specs on them:
.560/.575 lift, 225/235 .050" duration, 108 LSA
Link for mmr kit: http://www.modularmotorsportsracing...ain_page=product_info&cPath=2&products_id=763

I've tried to research this over and over, but i still don't completely understand, somebody please explain the different maf options to me. I've seen people mention the VMP 3" 75mm Blow Through slot-style maf/housing and the PMAS 3" Blow through w/ HPX maf and wiring adapter. What exactly are they and the reasons to switching instead of just a regular upgraded maf. Also what about the throttle body? any recommendations?

Another question i have is about the intercooler fitment, whichever sc kit i choose, i'm going to be installing an intercooler, are there any that are a better fitment than others? i've looked at the treadstone ones and they seem like thats what most prefer.

Any feedback, opinions, or personal experience on any of this or forced induction in general would be great, thanks.
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MAF- talk with your tuner and find out what they prefer. My tuner preferred a SCT MAF - perfect for my blow thru set up (MAF is just before the TB).

Intercooler - get a higher quality intercooler like a tredstone or mishimoto. Get a big one, no need to skimp out. Expect that you will need a custom front bumper support (I installed my custom bumper support after this picture)

Pipes - get high quality aluminum piping and weld the connections to minimize leakage.

Internals - I would install the blower first. Detonation (bad tune) and high RPM kills our rods. I have over 25k miles on my 438rwho setup. I selected a great dyno tuner and I am very strict at shifting at 6k. No issues. When you are ready for more power you can work with an engine machine shop or a mustang shortblock builder to work out what are the right pieces to get the compression ratio / performance for your budget. I’d wait on the engine until you get all your ducks in a row. The blower is much easier.

Fuel - time to upgrade pumps or consider a boost a pump. Get at least 47lb injectors (good for ~500rwhp on stock fuel pressure) or bigger to support what ever your eventual power goals are.