'03 mach 1, rear brake pads too thick?


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Feb 2, 2002
boston, ma
Hey Gang,
My lil brother in TN has been trying to do his brakes and says that the new pads will not fit on the new replacement rotor. He turned the piston in as far as it could go using a rear disc brake turn/press tool, but the new padd seem to be too thick to go on the new rotor, any ideas as to why this is happening? I told him to get ford pads and compare the thickness and call me back. I'm in Boston (obviously) and he is in TN.

he also says he just needs a tiny bit more space to fit them like 2mm...

thanks gang!
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Aug 23, 2003
Rhode Island
Perhaps the replacement rotors (or pads) are too thick. My '03 factory shop manual specifies the rear rotor thickness as 15mm (0.59"). Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to specify the new pad thickness.

There could also be some corrosion of the piston outer wall, preventing full retraction into the cylinder. Is the top of the caliper piston flush with the surrounding caliper body?


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Dec 21, 2004
Stafford VA
I'm assuming the mach has the same vented disc setup as the cobra's. The calipers however are the same as the GT.

IF it has the vented disc, be sure you have the correct pads. It is my understanding pads are THINNER for the vented disc than they are for standard GT set ups. Either pad will fit the caliper as it is the same, just when installed wont slide over the rotor.