'05 3v in '99 GT (Conversion)


Founding Member
Aug 11, 2002
Stamford, CT
Guys.. I'm considering installing a (MMR) built '05 3v in my '99GT and before attempting to reinvent the wheel - I'm wondering if anyone has any 1st hand knowledge/experience of the 3v motors and ecus as opposed to the 2v. In short I need someone's help shedding some light on this conversion. Ie: is the '05 return or returnless? Can I run a stand alone type of ecu or just use one from an '05? Clearance/fitment issues, etc.... What else need be changed over and/or upgraded?

I intend to run a D-1 or F-1 w/ ported 3v heads on the motor so any help would be appreciated. Current config is stock 4.6 w/ p-1sc, 46# inj, pro-m univer blow thru setup, dual steeda pumps, granatelli k-member, fidanza clutch & alum flywheel & d/s, tko 600, etc, etc, etc....

Your help is appreciated!!
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