'05 3v in '99 GT


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Aug 11, 2002
Stamford, CT
Guys.. I'm considering installing a (MMR) built '05 3v in my '99GT and before attempting to reinvent the wheel - I'm wondering if anyone has any 1st hand knowledge/experience of the 3v motors and ecus as opposed to the 2v. In short I need someone's help shedding some light on this conversion. Ie: is the '05 return or returnless? Can I run a stand alone type of ecu or just use one from an '05? Clearance/fitment issues, etc.... What else need be changed over and/or upgraded?

I intend to run a D-1 or F-1 w/ ported 3v heads on the motor so any help would be appreciated. Current config is stock 4.6 w/ p-1sc, 46# inj, pro-m univer blow thru setup, dual steeda pumps, granatelli k-member, fidanza clutch & alum flywheel & d/s, tko 600, etc, etc, etc....

Your help is appreciated!!
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I think the 3V engine moutn differently so there will need to be some adjustments made for that. I know a guy on another board did a 3V conversion to his 2000 GT. He just got 3V heads, intake, 98 cobra throttle body, got more aggressive cams and was pretty much set. If your doing the conversion like that you don't need new wiring harnesses or ecu, just a tune. He is putting out 350rwhp N/A right now with that setup.
I've hear that Logan motorsports has done a few 3v conversions. They disabled the vvt and used a 2v ecu. Can anyone shed light on this? Is it necessary? Regarding fuel systems.. are the 2v and 3v similar (returnless or return)?? Thanks again for your help!

id assume ford is sticking with returnless style fuel systems indefinately.

however, if youre not going to take advantage of VVT i dont see why you would use the 3v heads, i always thought the vvt opened the 3rd intake valve and thats what gave them the 40hp bump over 2v heads (plus a slough of other design upgrades).

id just get a good set of worked 2v heads and cams.