05 Exhaust: X and H Pipes

Hey everyone. I am fairly new to the Stangnet community and i need some advice about my exhuast. I got my mustang in Nov. of 2004 and I am finally planning on doing some mod's with it. Im pretty sure that i will be going with the Borla Cat-Back system, and i was wondering what type of mid pipe i should get. I have heard good things about the Bassani X Pipe with Comp Cats and also the JBA Offroad H pipe (No Cats). However i do live in Cali, so i dont want a fix-it ticket for having no cats!!! Anyone have any recommendations or suggestions or just know or any good parts for me? Any help would be great!

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I have the Magnaflow Xpipe with the Jba exhaust (and shorty Headers). Nice deep rumble, but not too loud. I want mine louder so I will be going to a Catless Xpipe with the SLP loudmouth. If you go to www.mymustangpage.com then videos you can listen to several different types of exhausts with all different combos. Just make sure to have popups turned on this page.