05 gt wont start I need HELP!


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Jan 12, 2019
North Las Vegas
I bought an 05 gt at an auction about a month ago. It started acting like it was out of gas then quit for good. It fires if i shoot starting fluid to the intake. There is no power to my fuel pump I am pretty sure. It just turns over but wont start. I only have one key that is old and no fob. The red light that has tbe car with a lock symbol is flashing. I am told that is the pats or theft deterent system disabling the car. What do i do to get it running? Do i buy another key and key fob or do i have to tow it to the dealership. I got lucky the car quit running because when i opened the tank under tbe back seat the tank was full of reddish brown fuel. I am draining it. Anybody have advice that has had tbis happen to them? Thanks.
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Dec 17, 2001
Dickson, TN
If it is a PATS error a locksmith can come out to you and program a key. If you do that, get two programmed keys, you can program a 3rd yourself for much less if you already have two working keys. But if the tank was reddish, maybe the pump has power and is clogged or fried? Check the fuel filter after you drain the fuel. And maybe change the fuel filter again after 3 or 4 tanks of fuel to catch any leftovers.

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