Expired 07 Mustang GT 5-speed, needs engine


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Apr 3, 2004
07 Mustang GT, black with black and red leather interior, 5-speed, 135K miles, 4.10 gears with trak-lok, Ford Racing intake manifold, 62mm TB, charge motion valve delete, Xcal3 with Bama tune, Steeda Tri-ax shifter, also had Ford Racing hot rod cams in it, but one is destroyed now. The engine dropped a valve in cylinder #3, took out the cam, broke the cam caps, and chewed up the head, piston, and cylinder wall, so it will need a complete motor, and either the cams replaced or the tune adjusted to go back to stock cams. Clean title in hand, I just don't have the time to replace the motor. $2500 or best offer. Car is located at my shop in Lincroft NJ. Text or email to 732-757-1590 or [email protected]


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madmikeyl... I know that name I dont take you as someone that backs out of an engine swap

is it available?

This post is nearly a year old and the member that posted it hasn't visited since November of last year.

I'm changing the thread tag to expired.

If you click on the member's avatar then select 'start a conversation', the member should get an email alert. That would be the last stitch to try and contact him.