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Sep 21, 2016
hi guys, new here. very upset with my quarter mile times, don't understand. first let me list mods then my times and any insight is greatly appreciated.
94 mustang gt convert with-
*new air filter on bbk cold air intake (even had turn lense removed and cut a hole in headlight housing for almost a forced air effect)
*bbk headers I think long tube, egr and cat delete, ford racing mufflers. (sounds great almost open)
*4.10 gears, 31 spline axles, auburn pro series locker (just spent way too much money on all of this)
*pro5.0 short throw shifter
now I admit I spun too much on launch, and am picking up drag radials tomorrow. this was also my first time at the track but I shift fast and at 5500rpms so don't understand my times with this car. here we go
r/t .403
60* 2.193
330 6.618
1/8th 10.125 @ 69.77 mph
1000* 13.114
1/4 15.592 @ 90.62 mph
I had 2 other runs that were 15.9s and I spun even more on luanch, times listed was my best out of 3. I was hoping for high 13s, expecting low 14s. what the heck is going on? again I appreciate any insight
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Mine is only two inches though.
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Oct 11, 2011
Waldorf, MD
What suspension do you have? Assuming stock do you have sub frame connectors? What tire pressure were you running what rpms did you launch at? What tires are on it now


At least it is lumpy...
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Jul 30, 2011
At best with the power/weight your car represents...maybe a low 14 is possible. That will take slicks,suspension,and good driving. You're only making around 200rwhp and weigh probably 34-3600lbs with driver. Your 2.1 60 ft times need to be improved drastically. Drag radials alone will help a little but are tricky to work well with a manual trans. If you don't have frame connectors...ADD THEM QUICKLY! All fox body's have significant chassis flex and a vert is considerably more! You will need more power if you want a 13 time slip. No way around this. Probably at least 50hp
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Jan 17, 2001
Where are you located?
Elevation (density altitude) plays a massive role in vehicle performance.
Most guys that run light fox LX's need the mods you listed to run 13's... in good air.
The SN chassis is about 200lbs more heavy than the fox, and the vert's are about 300lbs over that again... guessing you have ac and power everything, so, add another ~100lbs.
A simple rule is that for every 100lbs you need 10hp... I believe it's closer to 8hp, but either way you are on the wrong side of the weight equation to run 13's at your power level.
You need to control the wheel spin with the clutch. Especially once you get your drag radials. They will want to bog your car, which is slower than spinning. You'll want to hold ~4000-4500pm, snap the clutch out just enough to get the nose up and than start feeding it clutch and gas... by the time the clutch is all the way out it'll be time for 2nd gear. A lot of guys will snap the clutch out and forget to start feeding it throttle... it's needs both or it will bog. Best bet is just before you move the car with the clutch go to the floor with the throttle.
Lots of people think they shift fast. If you are lifting the gas pedal out of the carpet, you are wasting time. If you are using the clutch for anything more than allowing the gears to release you are wasting time. Essentially, you need to have pressure on the stick will accelerating, pulling or pushing in the direction of the next cog. All you need is a slight tap on the clutch to allow enough slip that the shifter/gears releases and heads to the next gear... going into the next gear when done fast you will get a nice "crunch" from the trans and chirp from the tires.

If you are not willing to abuse your clutch and trans, you are never going to run the numbers that are considered as impressive on the internet.
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Aug 27, 2012
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you have a heavy car and hard non sticky tires. at best you have a low 14 second, high 13 second car.. I would focus on learning how to get down the track first before you try and crush it with times. Start off with just getting off the line at around 1500-2000 rpm so you dont spin. Dont do a massive burnout with street tires, just a quick chrip to clean them off. Get your reaction time and shift points down. Keep a log of times, shift points, launch rpm, tire pressure. Dont worry if you are in the 15s. Get a good baseline and then go from there. Start tuning the car- bump timing, lower rear tire pressure, raise the front tire pressure, remove all crap from trunk, run a short belt at the track, Ice the intake.. Once you have this down, then get a good set of drag radials and do the same.. Know that you will end up toasting your clutch and other parts but that is part of the fun.
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