1.7 rockers and e-cam

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I have, and had plenty of clearance. But you still need to make sure yourself when you put it together so you don't have piston to valve contact. Some people's setups are slightly different, so what works for me or someone else doesn't necessarily mean it works for you. The E-cam is not all that radical though, so it should be fine. The 1.7's won't make a whole lot of difference in clearance over the 1.6's either.
Im running a F-303 with Cobra 1.7RR and felpro 1645 VC Gasket...that is a THICK gasket...I did nothing to my valve covers to clear....if you wont clear that gaket with stock valve covers than you have some serious rockers..!!!
Why, thanks for noticing! :) I have world products windsor jr heads (1.94/1.60 valves) with the e-303 cam and 1.72:1 rockers. I installed felpro valve cover gaskets but I can't for the life of me remember which ones! I've replaced my stock valve covers with some really shiny polished aluminum ones and I had to clearance those as well...anyway, they only made contact near the oil fill baffle, thingie...nothing that a bit of grinding wouldn't take care of!