10" Subwoofer


Dec 27, 2003
Clayton, NC
I broke my 10" Sub today. Swerved to miss an animal and something in my trunk shifted Just Right and cracked the Heck out of it! Anyone have a spare one they arent using? It doesnt have to be pretty, just has to work! Thanks in advance!
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i've got a 10" mtx sub, doesnt have alot of time on it and wasnt ran too hard either. its thunder6000 series if you wanna look up some info on it. 50 bucks shipped and its yours! (if you want it i'm gonna test it first cuz its sat for about 2 months and hasnt been used) email me if your interested! Or pm me!


the guy who hits on his mom
15 Year Member
Oct 3, 2003
Dallas, TX
damn 50 bucks for shipping and thats it? thats a good deal, but 76cobra i wou ld say go head and upgrade to 2 12's it sounds so awsome
mob do you want to buy it? i'll sell it to anyone interested. btw 76cobra i went from having 3 mtx 10's to having one kicker L7 both ran off the same 800watt amp and lemme tell you the kicker is WAY better. maybe you should try gettin one 12 you'll be happy with it :shrug: