17" to 16" rims on an '02 GT for winter.


Nov 11, 2003
Hey all, I'm hoping I could get some advice/help on the following.

I currently have an '02 GT with the Bullitt style 17" rims. I'm planning on buying a 2nd set of rims/tires for winter driving. My questions focus on the rims.

Do the 16" Factory rims fit the 5-lug pattern correctly on my car?
I want to move to 16's because both the rims and tires are cheaper and the traction of the tire may be better. I assume they would, but want to make sure before buying them.

Would the 94-98 Factory 5-lug rims fit on my car? They seem to come pretty cheap on eBay and such.

I don't really care about how great the rims look. I just don't want the current rims to get "contaminated" and I want to stay on the road.

Thanks for any assistance!
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yes the 94's and up will fit on ur car.......Also u could buy some Blizzaks i think there called for the winter there awesome i know some people who have them thats if u wanted to keep the 17in wheels if u want 16 which would be better for winter go with 16's and 225/60/16 would be good and cheap
16s will definitely work. That's what I have on my '02 GT for winter. You could even go down to 15s. If you run 16s, I'd suggest a 215/60/16. It's closer to the original diameter than a 225/60. I just went past one of those radar guns along the highway that tell you your speed and my speedo is dead nuts accurate, something I never had on my Honda.

I don't think you could go wrong with either Blizzaks or Arctic Alpins.
i have a o3 v6 and i just put 17's on my car from the stock 04. it fit fine so i think 16's should fit on yours fine. if you are interest i think i am selling my stock 03 16's. i just replaced the tires so they only hove 3 or 4 thousand miles on them