Paint and Body 1962 Impala - Bodywork


I think I've messed my pants
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Nov 28, 2015
Stay hydrated in all that heat. It's supposed to be in the 100s next week. Forecast down here is calling for highs over 100 for the next two weeks! Summer is here.
I feel what you're saying John. Saturday I stopped sweating the last hour and a half I was there. Might explain the fatigue i'm feeling now.......

I like summer and the heat though, though as I get older Im enjoying a fan a bit more.
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Agreed...My wife has great Boobs
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Feb 3, 2009
Cabot, AR
Be careful! You're either dehydrated or already experiencing heat stroke once the sweating stops!

I worked in an un-air conditioned warehouse in OKC for about five years. I know the feeling of enjoying fans. Especially those big industrial barrel types.
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