1969 clutch and flywheel

78 Mach1

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Feb 17, 2022
German Valley, Illinois
I bought a 1969 tribute Mach 1. The car came with a 4 speed and aluminum bellhousing but no engine. I purchased a remanufactured 351 Windsor out of a 1984 F150 that came with the flywheel and clutch. When I tried bolting this setup to the bellhousing that came with the mustang, the flywheel was to large for the bellhousing. It’s a 164 tooth flywheel and the bellhousing that came with the car is aluminum. From my research on this forum, the aluminum bellhousings are for 157 tooth flywheels. I had a cast iron bellhousing laying around from an earlier 351 Cleveland build, so I tried it. Bolted up fine but then I discovered the pressure plate would catch on the bellhousing at certain points. I just need someone to help me with purchasing the correct flywheel and clutch setup that will bolt right up to what I have. Also what starter will work with the final setup. Here’s exactly what I have.

1984 351 windsor
1965 aluminum bellhousing C5DA
1971 cast iron bellhousing D1TA
1984 164 tooth flywheel
1984 11” diaphragm clutch

Which flywheel and clutch should I buy to work with either the aluminum or cast iron bellhousing. I can use either one.
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