Interior and Upholstery 1985 Mustang LX Hatch trim Question

Well I was able to finally find the hatchback trim that covers the taillight wiring harness but while I was looking for that I found some kind of trim panel that is supposed to attach to the underside of my hatch lid. Some people were listing it to fit a 1979-1993 mustang and some were listing the same exact trim panel to only fit 1987-1993 mustangs. Does anyone know if a 1985 Mustang lx hatchback actually had this trim panel? It basically looks like a rectangle with the corners rounded off and the side that is closest to the latch on the hatch has a notch cut out of it. I’m asking because the underside of my hatch lid doesn’t have any holes to mount the trim panel to the underside of the hatch lid and I want to make sure I have all trim panels so I can do a thorough interior restoration without missing anything.
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