1988 4cyl 5 speed (Compression issues) [Help!]


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Jan 10, 2011
spend it now or spend it 2x more later...your choice.

your engine is worn. Rebuild it. Find you a set of used .020 turbo pistons and have the block bored to match them.

you should run a blowoff or bypass valve of some sort and even then, with the vam system, it won't be ideal. If you choose a bov, u need a dual piston so that it don't leak at idle. Stinger has them.

On the clutch how do you know it ain't worn out? Or you could just throw it in, and hope it don't slip. A clutch kit isn't all that expensive. The alignment tool can be rented at the parts store.

exhaust? You're worried about exhaust and the engine doesn't even run? Ok. just run a downpipe, open on the end and leave it. You will be yanking the engine back out soon anyway so there's no sense in doing a full system until the engine is rebuilt.

Seats from a junkyard. Take your pick there's thousands of different kinds and generally the newer they are the better they are. OE seats usually trump the aftermarket new seats. The only aftermarket seats worth getting are Recaro and you'll be spending nicely for those. Find a junkyard Mustang and yank the seats. There's plenty of 99-04 Mustangs in the yards here, hundreds of them. 05+ seats are nicer but you have to use the fox body sliders (easier than trying to use the 05-09 sliders by far). 2010- Mustang seats are even nicer yet but again, have to use the fox sliders on them, which requires some fab work, but easily done. I have 08 base cloth seats in my 93. Total investment into the seats was $70 counting all the materials needed, $35 for the pair at the junkyard and then the rest was buying some square tubing, nuts, bolts, etc. They are easy to yank the covers off of them and throw them in the washing machine, they came out looking brand new. I need new foam in the driver's side though.
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