1988 GT Vert rear seat belts swap


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Apr 14, 2019
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I'm new to the site and will probably be using it a lot in the future. There is so much amazing info on here. I have an '88 GT vert of course with just the lap belts in the rear seat. I have to young boys enjoy the car as much as I do but the wife does not like the current seat belt system. I know there are guys out there swapping the rear shoulder belts with cars from 1990 and up. I love this car and do not want to give it up for a newer model with shoulder belts because they are so hard to find with decent mileage and condition. I have a cousin that owns a body shop and is able to do the work but I'm wondering how much work it is. He has already found a donor car, (93 vert), that I could use. From my research, people are saying theres cutting and welding involved and some say the verts are bolt on replacement. Where do they get installed. Also some say I need an updated rear seat and interior plastic molding. Is there someone out there who has completed this process and cam explain in some detail? Is this worth it or just a waste of time and money? appreciate the input.

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Feb 18, 2001
Unfortunately my experience is with the hatch, so unsure how much of this will carry over. But I too wanted to put the 3-pt belts in for the sake of the kids riding in the back. Not complete yet.

But with the hatch, there's a lot to change. The lower seat, and seat belts and seat braces all mount differently than the earlier cars. For the upper mount, I had to drill/cut the spot weld off a brace that holds the upper mount in place, and need to weld that in my car still. Then it's a matter or new rear interior plastics that give the upper brace and seat belt retractor clearance and a slot for the belt to come through.

But again, that's for a hatch. I haven't completed it yet because the kids have zero interest in riding in the car with me....that and it seems like a PITA
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Feb 27, 2006
I gathered the parts to do this once and never did it.

This is not gonna be a plug and play operation.

I know the belts need changed, there are added supports for them that are welded in both in the quarters and behind the seats.

You’ll basically need EVERYTHING, from a newer one. I skipped it didn’t worry about it. If the car is upside down everyone is hurt anyway . Just be safe and carry proper insurance
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