Expired 1988 Lx Roller For Sale

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Apr 14, 2014
Phila. PA
I'm selling my 1988 lx hatchback. Its a roller. It's an original four cylinder car w/ automatic. No engine, trans, rear seats or headliner. Front seats are custom wrapped. Has brand new BBK caster camber plates up front, new KYB GR2 front struts, BBK 1 1/2' Front lowering springs. Front control arms were hot tanked and painted, and have new bushings and MOOG lower ball joints installed. I am throwing in the rear lowering springs, a brand new set of headlight assemblies still in box from 5.oResto. Car will need a speedo cluster. I have all underhood wiring, and interior wiring. Have all interior parts except for those mentioned above. A small bit of rust on the hatch lock and the passenger door lock was screwdrivered. Other than that the body is clean. I have other spare parts laying around that depending, on what you want, I may also throw in. Unfortunately, I must let this project go. The quicker the better.
I'm not putting a price up, and I'm not holding out for the right price, just don't lowball me. I will entertain all reasonable offers. Car is located in Phila.
Thank you.


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