1990 Mustang For Sale 5,500 mi

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Dec 12, 2011
I am selling for a lcoal customer of ours a 1990 Mustang notchback 5-speed.....been parked since 1992 and not driven or started.

Caer is 100% bone stock and bone original with the exception at time of purchase he had a pop up sunroof installed. Has documentation of this. Car has what I consider the standard options posi, power windows and locks, lst year I believe for air bag. am/fm cassette.

One super rare option it has is the factory Ford engine block heater...Ford sticker is still on it...card about wheel lock still attached to lug wrench also card about wheel lock and card about manual trnasmission is still with the car.

Car has no paint work super straight body no dents no dings...miles is 5,500. I am confident the paint will come back as it had no sun exposure. Interior is mint.

Color is a dark grey with a beige or lite grey cloth interior. Notchbacks were not high dollar Mustangs.

The owner is seeking $11,500 or best offer. My fee is a set fee and not part of the equation to the end buyer. I think its a realistic price. You seldom ever see unmolested 5-speed manual notchbacks let alone one with so few miles. In the Mustang world everything is available and inexpensive.

There is no sun fade on any of the trim on this car. Doors shut like day one....

It is what it is, as my commission remains the same regardless of price. He may have the window sticker I am not sure. In the glove box unopen is the Ford demo cassette....kinda neat.

Back then VIN sticker is on every single panel, helps tell you its original body parts from the factory. Headlites have no yellow or haze would pass for new if I could put them in a Ford box.

Tires like new but I am sure have age crack sin the tread. Wheels have some corrsion but are the cheap slotted stock ones. Rust is not bad rear housing and driveshaft rest is pretty nice underneath.

Maybe not a dynamite color but that is what it is like a dark grey.
By the way if you own a Fox Body Mustang you are probably familar with the billet adjustable fuel pressure regulator. It is our company that had that made over 20 years ago and supply many of the Mustang companies today.
I have about 25 photos I can email to interested parties. Serious buyers only as its very time consuming to send the photos by email.

Remember this car has been parked since 1992. It will need all the fluids changed, new battery new tires, Gas tank drained before car is started.
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Aug 10, 2002
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While you've got it on the hoist...how about some pics of the undercarriage? I'd like to see what these cars are supposed to look like in an unmolested, unrusted state? :D


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Dec 18, 2011
Please call, I would like to discuss further, very interested.

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