1991 ford mustang gt

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Jul 7, 2007
hey everyone I have a 1991 ford mustang gt car is dark grey primer ready to be painted but missing a hood now Car now has 89,000 miles on it I bought 5 years ago with 82,000 original miles I am a trucker not home much. Someone recently tried stealing it but thanks to a snapped clutch cable they were only able to push out of driveway and take some parts. Currently to make it running again u will need a mass air sensor clutch cable and battery that's the easier fix they also broke the ignition and steering lock. Car has no hood or latching system anymore.

Now the good stuff:
Car has edelbrock performer rpm manifold 75 mm bbk throttle body bbk egr spacer bbk fuel pressure gauge still have the cold air filter in fender and tubing up to the mass air but mass air to throttle body gone.
bbk long tube headers with o/r h-pipe and 2 chamber flows with dumps before axles.
I just put a world class t-5 transmission with cobra clutch and fidanza billet aluminum flywheel at the same time had new rearend installed It still 8.8 but brand new 31 spline eaton posi yukon 31 spline axles and 3.73 ring and pinion gear also 3 inch studs put on so u can run some nice slicks with no worries of snapping them. this was all done at about 86,000 miles. have reciepts and rearend and tranny should still have warranty. It has brand new eibach sportline springs and kyb adjustable shocks and struts lowered about 1.5 inches sits nice on 17 inch cobra r's with good tires atleast they didnt take those and leave it on rotors. Some other little stuff pullies ford racing wires msd coil injectors r 24 lb and has walbro 190 intank fuel pump think thats it but I could be leaving a few things out.

Looking for something around 3500 tranny and rearend alone set me back 4700 If people want to buy parts only then give me a price and if enough stuff goes I will pull it all off. This car is a very nice car has been like a second baby to me next to my 02 formula I just dont have time or money to put the blood sweat and tears into her that she deserves thanks again for looking


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