1992 LX 5.0 mystery. use to run now doesn't. HELP


Jan 14, 2020
Western NY
I would like to thank everyone that stuck with me through my troubled times with my 92 LX. I have finally gotten it running. I have learned many valuable lessons from this group. How to test everything you need to test for trouble shooting. As it wound up, my most valuable lesson was not to use cheep parts. Use OEM. After troubleshooting, it came down to the coil and possibly the pickup. I had changed both along with the TFI and still resulted in a no run condition. So I ordered a Motorcraft DG-470 coil and a 12127A distributor from LMR. After the transplant, I turned the key and it started right up. No cranking over and over, just started. It was a great sound.
So again, Thank you to all that put in their $.02 to $100 worth of advice. In the end, it worked.
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